PT Exam notes

What elevates blood pressure?
– Systolic BP increases no matter what kind of exercise we do (for example the plank)
– Diastolic BP increases from isometric/heavy resistance training (the plank)
Serratus anterior stabilizes/fixes the scapula during a press up.
Adrenals produce the hormones cortisol and adrenaline.
Heart valves:
Atroiventricular valves: between the atrium and the ventricle (chambers in the heart). Helps prevent a backflow of blood when the heart is in distole (relaxed state between contractions).
Semilunar valves: between the ventricle and the arterie (prevents backflow of blood)
Golgi tendon organ (GTI) and muscle spindles are also known as proprioceptors.
Special attention/moderate risk – 140/90
Medical referral/high risk 160 (systolic) or >100 (diastolic)

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